Friday, September 26, 2008

Holiday Gym and Spa Dogfight Tournament

Bring it on! And players of the dogfight tournament at Holiday Spa started their way for an aerial battle.Every split second counts in a 5-minute aerial combat. The faster you pedal and the quicker your eyes, hand and arms coordinate to maneuver the aircraft, the greater your chance to defeat your opponent. Score points by hitting your opponent’s aircraft and let it crash. While he goes back to the run way to pedal his way again to the air, you have an advantage of hitting the balloons to gain more points without being shot down yourself.

These are some of the line of attacks that the players applied in the Dogfight Tournament.But as the cliché goes in every competition there’s always a champion. This time Rommel Cortes made it. And for the other players, “ A Workout has never been this fun, so we’re also winners.”



Everyone can't wait to challenge again for another dogfight tournament at Holiday Gym and Spa.