Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dogfight now in USF XRKade Research Lab

Last year, the Dogfight Flight Simulator became part of the research lab that iTech Fitness and the University of South Florida have created to experiment with ways to amplify fitness levels among children through the usage of technology based interactive game activities.

Dogfight is a full featured flight simulator interfaced with a high end exercise bike. It is not only about building stamina and flexibility, it also gives a challenging and entertaining experience to its users as they sweat their way to win the game and to win over obesity.

Electronic Sports, the maker of Dogfight, is indeed grateful to contribute in drawing kids attention to have fun and value the importance of physical wellness.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dogfight v2

Dogfight version 2 Now Available
  • Full featured exergaming flight simulator
  • Incredible graphics and sound
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Take the work out of your workout!

Contact us today to begin using Dogfight to attract new members and generate profits.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Air Race

Anyone can always get excited hearing the word Race. The thrill of the speed and the will to win can trounce fear of any obstacles.

In the new feature of dogfight machine “Air Race” does not only require you to pedal the fastest way in maneuvering the aircraft but also challenge you to cross strategically in every obstacle gates; undeniably “feeling like” a professional pilot flying an aircraft exerting all the finest skills, otherwise the possibility of defeat becomes visible once you miss crossing even just one gate. Each time you successfully cross the gate your time will be recorded. Thus, it’s a matter of speed and strategy to win in this game.

Win this game, gain an honor and have a fun & healthy Air Race!