Friday, July 31, 2009

Dogfight Machines at the Western Stampede

May not be tough and rough enough for Rodeo nor fearless enough for the Demolition Derby, but surely players of the Dogfight machine had fun knocking off their opponents in the air during the West Jordan’s annual July Fourth gala, the Western Stampede .

This year as West Jordan celebrated its 55th annual Western Stampede, it’s beyond doubt a great honor for Electronic Sports that its Dogfight machine was part of this historic event and this was made possible of course through the effort of Thrive Fitness.

Thrive Fitness’ booth offered free usage of Dogfight machine, the only exergaming equipment displayed in the event and the Spin and Win promo of which the grand prize included buy one get one free gym membership. Thrive Fitness introduced dogfight machine as a great way to purge the boredom of traditional exercise. And perhaps excited to continue the physical and mental challenge of this exergaming equipment, people started signing up for a gym membership.